Super Climber Hub

Super Climber Hub
for Alexmoulton

Super Climber Hub
for Brompton

The "super climber" has the "outside elastic body structure" which is the complicated form and characteristic design like fins shaved on the body.
Its body and shaft are made of the high intensity titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V).
The "outside elastic body structure" has floating structure. It absorbs unnecessary external stress, such as a shock from a road surface, by its elastically-deforming.
All of the hub body and the shaft are cut from titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V), and it adopts the ceramic bearings of P5 grade.
GOKISO "the craftsmans" made the absolute hub with no compromise in the quality of the material, rigidity, performance, durability, and all, but the essence of our technology.
Elastic Shock Absorbing Structure is directly machined on "Integral Hub Body"
In recent years, the principal axis of the jet engine for airplanes adopts the elastic body structure for their bearings. It is the purpose of preventing destruction by the bird strike (the case which the engine ingests birds) and the reduction of vibration.
The super climber gets lightweight and rigidity without sacrificing suppleness, because of the new integrated elastic body impact-absorbing structure, "the finger", on the hub body, in place of the former elastic sleeve with slit.
In spite of the spread of ultra-high pressure tires and high rigidity carbon rims, it helps riders in the roadrace.
Adopt Titanium (Ti-6Al-4V) to hub body
The super climber's hub body is cut from the ingot of the titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V).
It constitutes the front hub, that the 16 pillars called the "fingers" on each side that connects the flange for spoke-holes with the cylindrical body supporting a bearing.
When the hub received external stress, the "fingers" deforms elastically, and the stress from all the outside is absorbed. The titanium axle with high rigidity supported by P5 grade ceramic bearing on either side becomes a separated structure from shocks that generates the rotational hindrance and distortion.
The perimeter of the rear hub body is thin partially, in order to change an elastic modulus. This thin parts function as an elastic body structure.
It supports the very high rigidity and the elastic body impact-absorbing structure that withstand the force of strong torque at the same time.
P5 grade (DIN) precision ceramic bearing, made in Japan.
The result of the rotation efficiency with accurate steel balls was better than traditional ceramic balls, but the super climber has special P5 grade ceramic bearing.
Free Body canbe exchanged using GOKISO tools.
Removal and maintenance of free body with the GOKISO special tool, and Campagnolo compatible freehub body and Shimano compatible freehub body are replaceable. (Shimano 11s ⇔ Campagnolo 10/11s) Special tool designed for the GOKISO Hub is able to easily replace and maintain the freehub body of the GOKISO Hub which are precisely assembled without damage.

GOKISO’s shock absorbing and elastic body suspension is the ultimate solution to axle deformation.
Unlike the former model, the super climber model has the elastic body suspension structure on the perimeter of the hub body to absorb the impact load from a road surface.
Moreover, since the elastic body structure floats flanges from body shell, the external input from the rim and spokes do not reach a bearing directly.
When the hub receives the external force that comes from rider's weight, impacts, and strong torque of pedaling, its flanges change its form slightly according to stress.
However, the elastic body structure of the super climber model can continue maintaining the perfect rotation without deformation of bearings due to separated flange and body.
Spherical nut and washer
A slim and lean shaft sounds ideal for light-weighted bicycle hubs, but it lowers the strength and makes a shaft more vulnerable to deflection. A hub shaft could get deformed during wheel installation.Our spherical nut and washer are the successful solution for these problems. By keeping the hub shaft straight regardless of frame deformation, we have achieved the highest rotation accuracy without abrading or damaging the bearing.
Super Climber Hub
  Front hub Rear hub
Freehub body - Campagnolo 10/11s Shimano 11s
O.L.D. 100mm 130mm
Spoke H 20H ~ 36H 24H ~ 36H
Center to flange * 26.8mm / 26.8mm 27.4mm / 16.8mm
P.C.D. * φ45mm / φ45mm φ49mm / φ54mm
* mm / mm = left / right
Recommended Spoke SAPIM CX-RAY
Bearing type Non-contact sealed deep groove bearing (DIN P5 : Ceramic Ball Bearing)
Bearing Qty 4 pcs 7 pcs
Ratchet - 4 pawls / 92 notch
Weight 230g 445g
Material Ti-6Al-4V
Super Climber Hub for Alexmoulton / Brompton
  for Alexmoulton for Brompton for Brompton Rear
O.L.D. 71mm 74mm 112mm
Spoke H 20H ~ 36H
Center to flange * 24.8mm / 24.8mm 21.4mm / 26.0mm
P.C.D. * φ45mm / φ45mm φ45mm / φ45mm
* mm / mm = left / right
Recommended Spoke SAPIM CX-RAY
Bearing type Non-contact sealed deep groove bearing (DIN P5 : Ceramic Ball Bearing)
Bearing Qty 4 pcs 7 pcs
Weight 194g -
Material Ti-6Al-4V