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■Personal information security

We are committed to ensuring for access restriction, management and disposition of personal information so that your information is secured.

■Disclosure of Personal Information

Unless an individual gives permission, we will not generally disclose personal information collected by us to any third party. However, personal information may be disclosed without your knowledge or consent as permitted by law, such as:

  • *such individual is considered to give an adverse effect to third parties
  • *it is required to be disclosed by national authorities or local public authorities, or is otherwise requested or required to be disclosed by any other law enforcement officials.
  • *it is permitted to disclose such information by relevant law or regulation.
  • *it is reasonably determined necessary to disclose such information for the purpose of providing our service.

■Entrustment of operations

None of the recipient of personal information shall be deemed as a third party if one of following applies.

  • *If a whole or part of personal information is entrusted to a third party to the extend necessary for providing our service.
  • *If the operating organization is merged or other restructuring, the information we have obtained from you may transfer to the new owner as a part of the sale in order that the service being provided to you may continue.