GOKISO's development is based on our concept and desire to endeavor
a new frontier and continue to further create innovative products.
Capital 40,000,000JPY
Head office Address : 1-130 Funairi Kanie-cho Ama-gun, Aichi-Pref. Japan.
Postal code : 497-0048
TEL +81-(0)567-95-1343
FAX +81-(0)567-95-7296
Takara factory Address : 1-476 Takara Kanie-cho Ama-gun, Aichi-Pref. Japan.
Postal code : 497-0030
E-mail info@kondo-kikai.co.jp
Founded February 1st, 1947
Company representative Yutaka Kondo
Number of employees 34
Qualification JIS Q 9100 certified for machining
work of aircraft engine components.
Main business Production of jet engine bearing,
super precision machine components and super precision dies
(die-casting die, forging die, and stamping die).
Production and design of specialized machine tools and jigs.