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ホイールFront / Rear set

  • ∗ Below 2 products were certified by UCI.
     – GOKISO Wheel 38mm Clincher
     – GOKISO Wheel 50mm Tubular

 HubFront / Rear set
  • GOKISO Hub Super Climber

    Titanium body Front/Rear set

    650,000 JPY

  • GOKISO Climber Hub

    Aluminum Body

    260,000 JPY

  • GOKISO Hub Wide flange

    for Road Race Front/Rear set

    210,000 JPY

  • GOKISO Pist/Track Hub

    for Pist/Track Race Front/Rear set

    190,000 JPY

  • GOKISO Hub for Disc Brake

    Avalable for MTB, Road Front/Rear set

    222,000 JPY

  • GOKISO Hub Narrow Flange

    for Small Wheel Front/Rear set

    210,000 JPY

  • GOKISO Hub Narrow Flange

    for Alex Moulton Front/Rear set

    220,000 JPY

  • GOKISO Hub Narrow Flange

    for Brompton Front Hub

    80,000 JPY

  • GOKISO Brake shoes

    Front/Rear set (4pcs)

    2,000 JPY

  • GOKISO Quick Release

    Front/Rear set

    8,200 JPY

  • GOKISO Wheel Bag

    Front/Rear set

    8,200 JPY

-- About product warranty --
  1. Kondo warrants the original product purchaser a free repair for a 10 years for GOKISO Hub set (7 years for GOKISO Climber Hub set, 29 years for GOKISO Super Climber Hub set) and 1 year for carbon rim period. The warranty period is effective until the following "The date for free repair warranty". Provided however, any expendable parts of the Gokiso product including an o-ring, rim, and spoke are not covered by this warranty.
  2. Kondo warrants the original hub product purchaser a non free repair for 20-year (23-year for GOKISO Climber) from the following "free repair period of a warranty".
  3. This warranty covers your original use of the product. When the product is transferred to a third party, you can reissue the warranty. This Warranty does not cover products which are transferred to the third party, or are broken or damaged.
  4. This warranty does not cover defect or damage to the Gokiso product resulting from: improper maintenance (maintenance which does not follow the maintenance procedure outlined in the product manual), modification, improper repair, or use of the product for a purpose other than its intended use.